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I began by painting in oils with lessons from an artist down our street when I was 8. The smell of turpentine was thrilling. At Cal State Long Beach, I explored every art discipline I could fit in and crossed back and forth between commercial and fine art. I still like to blur that line.
No experience is ever wasted. I have been a printer, a typographer and a camera operator, worked as an editorial illustrator for the Ann Arbor News (now gone) and in the composing room at the LA Times (OC plant, now leveled). I've painted children's and pet's portraits, murals, and even signs at Trader Joe's.
Now I'm painting for myself and you.
I currently work mainly in acrylics and post my smaller works on Daily Paintworks. It gives me a way to share what I see and an excuse to pause and look closely. I call them studies. It gives everyone the chance to own affordable original art. A small piece of lasting joy.
I focus on capturing what is fleeting and temporary; either the light as it moves across an object or an object that seems about to pass into obscurity. From flowers to newspapers, like us, they are only here for a time.



In 2016 I began painting larger and more involved pieces and have been submitting to juried shows that I do not have posted online. If you are interested in seeing these works follow me on social media and maybe we'll see each other at an event! I'd love to meet you.



If you would like to discuss a possible commission, buying without PayPal, framing a painting, purchase of multiple pieces or anything else
please contact me!